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Learn SQL in this FREE 12-part boot camp. It will help you get started with Oracle Database and SQL. The course is a series of videos to teach you database concepts, interactive SQL tutorials, and quizzes to reinforce the ideas.


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Module 1: Tables
Learn about the types of table available in Oracle Database, their uses, and how to use create table.
Module 2: Columns and Data Types
When defining columns in a table, you need to choose a data type for them. This class you about the common SQL data types and their uses.
Module 3: Data Modeling
Deciding where to store what is one of the fundamental decisions you make when building a database. This class gives an overview of the things you need to consider when designing your tables.
Module 4: Tables, Columns and Modeling Review
A series of quizzes to recap the material from modules 1-3.
Module 5: Select and Where
Learn how to use a select statement to get you rows from your database. And filter these data using a where clause.
Module 6: Joins
This module teaches you about the different types SQL join: inner, left and right outer, full, and cross.
Module 7: Aggregates and Group By
This class covers how you can summarize your data using aggregate functions and group by.
Module 8: Select, Joins and Group By Review
A chance to recap and catch up on modules 5-7 covering the basics of SQL queries: select, joins and group by.
Module 9: Insert and Commit
Learn how to use insert to loads data into your database tables. And save and undo your changes with commit and rollback.
Module 10: Update and Transactions
Master the basics of changing values in your tables with the update statement. This module also covers the concept of a transaction: a single, logical unit of work.
Module 11: Delete and Truncate
Learn how to remove data from your database using delete and truncate. This class covers the differences between these operations and when you should use one or the other.
Module 12: Insert, Update and Delete Review
A final set of quizzes to check you've understood the material on insert, update, delete, and truncate. Complete the course to get your certificate!
How much does this cost?
Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch. That's right, it's 100% FREE!
I missed the start. Can I still join?
Yes! You can join Databases for Developers at any time
When does the course end?
The modules have no fixed end date. Once you're registered you can take open classes whenever you want
What will I learn on this course?
This course will teach you the basics of SQL and working with Oracle Database
How much time will it take?
We estimate that this will take up to 30 minutes per week.
What if I fall behind?
This is a self-paced course. Once registered, you have lifetime access to these materials to review at any time. So you can complete it at your leisure. But to get the best value from this course we recommend that you complete each class in the week it's released.
What is the format of this course?
The course is a combination of:
Do I need access to an Oracle Database?
No! This is a fully online course. The materials are designed so you can complete the course without a database.
Are there free resources where can I practice what I've learned?
Yes! Oracle has the following free offerings:
Will I get a certificate for completing this course?
Yes! If you complete all the exercises then we'll send you a certificate of your achivement.
I already have a good working knowledge of SQL and Oracle Database. Is this course right for me?
This course is aimed at beginners. It assumes no prior knowledge of SQL or Oracle Database. If you're an advanced user there may be little new for you. But it never hurts to brush up on the basics, right? ;)
I'm confident with the basics, have you got anything more advanced?
Yes! If you want to go beyond the basics, take Databases for Developers: Next Level
Will this course help me pass Oracle Certification exams?
Databases for Developers is not officially aligned with Oracle University curriculum. But this course along with Next Level do cover most of the material for the Oracle Database SQL exam, 1Z0-071
I still have unanswered questions. Where can I ask them?
You can reach out to Chris Saxon on Twitter